If you want to challenge yourself with interesting and difficult technical problems, whilst enjoying the freedom and decision making opportunities offered by contributing to the growth of a new company... then we might have just the job for you!

We are interested to hear from highly technical and self-motivated individuals, that love working with Open Source communities. If you are not yet working with Open Source communities, but would like to, that's great too!

At the moment we are a small remote-first company, but we are growing and have big ambitions! We are a company with a position where you can make a significant impact.

Shape Small Senior Engineer ~ Java/C++
As one of the earliest team members you will need to be both an outstanding software engineer, and a highly motivated individual who is capable of assuming responsibility and setting direction.

The Job Specification is available in PDF format: EB.J1 Senior Engineer (PDF)

Shape Small Engineer ~ TypeScript
We are looking for TypeScript Engineers to work primarily on Fusion Studio which is our Open Source IDE and Management tool for FusionDB. Secondly, our product documentation is written and edited using an in-house tool which is also developed in TypeScript and would benefit from some expert TLC (Tender Loving Care)!

The Job Specification is available in PDF format: EB.J3 Engineer (PDF)

Shape Small Trainee Engineer
We are looking for undergraduate level students who are considering a career in Software Engineering. You need not have any formal qualifications in Computing, but experience is a bonus! We offer a position that includes formal education and/or training, alongside developing your programming skills within the company and working on real projects.

The Job Specification is available in PDF format: EB.J2 Trainee Engineer (PDF)

Please submit applications by email with a Subject line reflecting the job title, and include:

  1. A brief introduction, highlighting your skills and experience

  2. Links or attachments to further details of your education and/or career, and achievements, e.g. CV, Personal Website, Blogs, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.